Kikuo Matsuda

自身のブランド”KIKU KNIVES”主宰。
技術が評価され、William Henry のブレイドを一手に引き受けるなど、海外からの依頼も多数。
2007年には米国アトランタブレードショーにおいてナイフブランド大手 SOG 社とのカスタムコラボレーションが評価され、ベストコラボレーション賞を受賞。


Kikuo Matsuda was born in Seki-City,Japan in 1952.
He is knives artist, specializes in handmade knives.
From involving in the work in for more than 40 years.
He became a world-class artist and crated his own great brands.
One of his highly-regarded arts is called “Hamaguri-Ba“;

This in an ancient Japanese art for Japanese sword.
A convex cross-section shape of blade, which has gently curve from the blade edge to the back, is called like that.

His free hand work as typified by “Hamaguri-Ba” won many oversea orders.
He has dealed with big corporations: William Henry, SOG and so on.
In 2007, His custom collaboration with SOG had Best Collaboration Award at Atlanta Blade Show.
He participates several exhibits all over the world per year, in US, Europe, Russia, and Taiwan.

His brand has the most strong sale force and high profile in Japan.